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Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Residency

Jun 17, 2016

The emergency medicine PGY2 residency program offered at Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines (MMC – DSM) is a twelve-month program designed to develop clinical practitioners capable of providing advanced pharmaceutical care for patients within the emergency environment. Graduates of the program are prepared to become fully integrated members of the interdisciplinary emergency medicine team and are empowered to treat and appropriately triage the most complex chronic and acute illnesses presented by emergency department patients.


Jun 06, 2016

As productivity and efficiency assistants, scribes aid the provider in recording the patient visit within the electronic health record (EHR). They monitor test results and facilitate communication to expedite overall department workflow. With the support of our scribes, the provider is able to spend more time with their patients and communicating with staff. Our scribes are an invaluable asset for our providers, patients, and hospital partners alike.



             2016  Scribe Christmas Party!

2019 Scribes


Jun 03, 2016

Through the pursuit of excellence, Des Moines River Physicians will be the premier provider of Emergency medicine in the markets we serve.


Jun 03, 2016

Des Moines River Physicians will provide an innovative, stable and supportive platform to practice Emergency medicine.

This framework allows our health professionals the best opportunity to align with our partners in delivering world-class care for our patients.

Who We Are

May 31, 2016

Our physician group teams more than 30 board-certified physicians with advanced practice clinicians (APCs) that includes physician assistants and nurse practitioners to provide expert emergency care efficiently and effectively. We currently provide staffing for 2 hospital emergency departments in the Des Moines area.