Clinical Pathways and Quick References

Abdominal – Pelvic CT Studies


ACO SNF Capabilities 2016

Admission Status Quick Reference Sheet

APC Order Guide

ARDsNET Low Tidal Volume Protocol

Baclofen Pump Issues Management Protocol – 2018

Brochure for Patients on the Appropriate Usage of Opioids

Chest Pain Pathway

Critical Care Unit Admission

Discharge Following Narcotic or Sedatives Administration

Doc Admit List updated June – 2018

ED ECMO protocol

Evaluation of POST OP HIP REPLACEMENT patient returning after discharge

Evaluation of POST OP KNEE REPLACEMENT patient returning after discharge

Evaluation of Victims of Sexual Assault

Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens

Front End Process April 17

Full Capacity

Healthcare Debriefing Aid

Heart Failure Flow Diagram

Hospital Incident Command System June 2017

Hospitalist Observation Diagnostic Protocols

Hospitalist Provider Roster

Iowa Heart Provider Roster

Iowa Ortho Attending Physicians

Laceration Repair Reference

LVAD Reference

Medications in Adult ER Acudoses

Mental Health Resources – 2018

Mental Illness Evaluation in the setting of ETOH

Mercy Clinics

MOHA & Hospitalist Admission Agreement

MTTU Ultrasound ED algorithm

MWL Pregnant not active labor Presents to Emergency Department

MWL Presenting in Labor – Oct 2016

MWL Transfer

Opiod Perscribing Guidelines

Ordering Appendix Ultrasounds Imaging Protocol

Patient with Known Pregnancy Presenting to Emergency Department – Main Campus

Process for In-Patient Admission to MWL from Main Campus

Rabies Exposure Assessment Tree – 2012

Rabies Vaccine for Prophylaxis

Rabies Vaccine Order Sheet

Residents 2018-2019

Responsibility for Admitted (Boarded) Patients

Rhophylac dosing information – Oct 2012

Routine Mental Illness Evaluation

Sexual Assualt Panel

Stroke Protocol Jan 2018

Substance Use Disorder Outpatient Services

Use of Methotrexate in an Ectopic Pregnancy